Agdz Volunteers Without Borders – Agdz

Agdez Volunteers without Borders is youth NGO which was founded in 2015. It aims at having a new-leading and volunteering-future youth generation that would be able to take responsibility in their community. It also aims at enhancing cultural, social, and environmental and health consciousness among the members of society as well as at organizing and enhancing voluntary work among youth. The organization is working on a set of goals that seeks to achieve, including:

  • The development and organization of voluntary work locally.
  • Directing voluntary work to serve humanitarian purposes.
  • Raising the cultural, social, environmental and health awareness among members of the community.
  • Cooperation with institutions, associations, NGO and those interested in social development nationally and internationally.
  • Providing an opportunity for community members to volunteer in the field of public services through education and training
  • Organizing seminars, workshops and camps.
  • Providing consultation and advice on voluntary work.


The organization has organized various events and activities that go hand in hand with its goals. Among which are:

  • The training camp ‘’Because you can’’ which is organized every year.
  • The organization works on a program of decorationg kindergartens in Agdez.
  • The daily camp with support from the US embassy in Rabat.

The organization has also organized many other activities (trips, training workshops).